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September & October 2021
(c) Ida Zenna
Dear Vorname, 

I am sending you the new edition of the Alumni Newsletter with hopes that it finds you well and that you have been able to enjoy the summer up to now!

The lingering summer has also been tangible here at the University. While our pupils and students seek rest and relaxation during the holidays, our colleagues here have been preparing the new academic year. New students for the winter semester 21/22 have already arrived in Dresden. We are looking forward to new faces from far and near in the new academic year.

This edition includes a review of the events and highlights at and with the Palucca University of Dance Dresden during the past two months. In addition, this newsletter marks the beginning of the registration period for the first online seminar for alumni at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden which is with Dr. Anja Centeno Garcia. We are looking forward to your registrations!

Get to this edition's recipe by author Eva-Maria Kraft here!

In this issue, I am also very happy to share news of alumni and their current projects and performances! My thanks go out to those of you who view our University’s Alumni Newsletter as a lucrative information platform for their news.

Alumni articles are greatly welcome for the coming edition of the Alumni Newsletter  (publication date: 31 October 2021). Please submit your articles by 30 September 2021 to

Wishing you an interesting read!


Shalene Schmidt
Department of Strategic Development/Communication
Student Marketing & Alumni Coordination
University News
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Registration for Alumni Online Seminar possible now

The online seminar “What carries your teaching? - Competence and action orientation in dance education" for alumni with Dr. Anja Centeno GarcĂ­a is scheduled for 7 October 2021 at 4pm CET. Participation is free of charge! Following the online seminar, a virtual, informal get-together is planned. More information will be available after your registration for the online seminar.
Register here
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Bachelor Presentation "SYMBIOSIS"

This year, due to the pandemic, the BA Dance Programme graduating class’s Bachelor projects could not be performed in front of a live audience in June as is the custom.  Instead, the graduates have autonomously produced an Online Dance Film titled “SYMBIOSIS” on the “Palucca SommerbĂĽhne”. One can get an impression of the training for the online dance film on our Instagram channel. We are very happy to announce that, once again, we have a 100% employment rate for this year’s graduates from our BA Dance Programme. Further information about this can be found in our press releases.
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"Palucca SommerbĂĽhne" 2021

We are thrilled about the huge success of the first “Palucca SommerbĂĽhne” here at the University and the public’s thoroughly positive resonance. All four soirĂ©es and the shared gala presented by the University together with the Semperoper Ballett in honour of the double-anniversaries of the heads of both ensembles were sold out, despite sometimes adverse weather conditions. 
Many thanks to all the alumni who attended our “Palucca Sommerbühne”!
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Tanzwoche Sylt 2021

From 2 to 8 August 2021, the annual project Tanzwoche Sylt took place under the artistic direction of Prof. Dr. Jenny Coogan and in cooperation with the Nordseeheim Klappholttal. A total of eight BA Dance Programme students in their 2nd academic year participated in the Tanzwoche which was a great success! Our Sylt 2021 Story on Instagram offers a very nice retrospective!

Palucca Endowment Fund: Agreement with BĂĽrgerstiftung Dresden has been signed

(c) Hagen Merkel
Since 8 December 2020, there has been an agreement between Palucca e.V. and BĂĽrgerstiftung Dresden whose purpose is the establishment of a Palucca Endowment Fund under the aegis of the BĂĽrgerstiftung.

The initial capital for the founding of the Palucca Endowment Fund comes from the former Palucca student Ingeborg Schneidermar. Zinnert (1936 – 2012). Due to a tragic accident, Ingeborg Schneider was not able to fulfill her dream of becoming a dancer - but throughout her lifetime, she never lost her love for dance. Her investment in the Endowment Fund is meant to provide support for the education of talented pupils who have to rely on financial assistance. 

The transfer of the “Palucca Foundation in formation” to the BĂĽrgerstiftung Dresden as the Palucca Endowment Fund is connected to the hopes of creating a larger foundation family, most importantly for social assistance and ministration of the Palucca legacy. We welcome and encourage all dance enthusiasts to contact us.

BĂĽrgerstiftung Dresden: Palucca-Stiftungsfonds
 - Advisory Council: Katja Erfurth, Dancer, Choreographer, Member of the Sächsischen Akademie der KĂĽnste, Christina Flume, Palucca e.V., Chairwoman of the Managing Board Heidrun MĂĽller, BĂĽrgerstiftung Dresden Foundation Councilor

Contact: post@mueller-heidrun.deinfo@buergerstiftung-dresden.deBĂĽrgerstiftung - Palucca StiftungsfondsBĂĽrgerstiftung Dresden - Current News 
More than 140 Palucca alumni on the LinkedIn platform
What is LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is a free online platform for world-wide professional networking. 
The presence of stakeholders from the cultural and creative industries world-wide is growing at LinkedIn. The result is that LinkedIn offers many benefits for dance professionals as well. Here are just a few as an overview:

Join us on LinkedIn now
Alumni News

Bettina Stieler
Diplom BĂĽhnentanz '05

A digital dance film by Bettina Stieler with the Staatsoper Hannover ClubTANZ

The basic idea for the digital dance film began while reading Mary E. Garner’s book “Das Buch der gelöschten Wörter”: From a secret headquarters, one can jump into the magical book-world of all the books that have ever existed. Adolescents (aged 13-16 years old) create their own choreographies of the stories or dance in the style as described in the book. In the digital realisation, the audience is faced with the question as to which door it wishes to spring through with the adolescents in order to find out what is hidden behind it.

The premiere of the digital dance film was in July. Currently, the dance film can be accessed at ClubTANZ.  


Antje Grüner (née Kaufmann)
Diplom Tanzpädagogik '10

Dance films with dancers from the Youth Arts Academy Schloss Albrechtsberg Dresden

During the pandemic, as head of the dance courses for modern dance, jazz and improvisation at the Youth Arts Academy Schloss Albrechtsberg Dresden, Antje GrĂĽner (nĂ©e Kaufmann), together with her dancers, has developed online dance films which are dedicated to the current themes “alone together”, “isolation” and “the camera is our audience”. 

The online dance films “Running” and “Home Office” can be watched on Youtube here:


"Home Office" 

Contact: Antje GrĂĽner, 
(c) Susanne Hanke

JuWie Dance Company
Jule Oeft (G4 '07), Wiebke Bickhardt (BAT '11)

ALL IN ONE - A production by Feed Your Head Collective and the JUWie Dance Company

Two collectives, two dancers and two musicians focus on the story and the phenomenon of the universe as their theme for this joint production. What influence do different gravitational forces have on our bodies? And what does it sound like when these forces increase within a black hole? In this full-length dance-theater production, dance, sound, and light create the illusion for the observer that they are no longer on this earth.

Premiere: 16 September 2021 Societaetstheater Dresden 
Further performances: 17 / 18 September 2021 Societaetstheater Dresden

24 / 25 September 2021 Brotfabrik BĂĽhne Bonn

A co-production with the Societaetstheater Dresden Sponsored by NEUSTART KULTUR from Fonds Darstellende KĂĽnste with funding from the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Culture and Media. Sponsored by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony This measure is co-financed with tax revenues based on the budget adopted by the Saxon State Parliament.

Tickets & more information

Marita Matzk
Diplom Choreografie '08

DIS-TANZ-IMPULS funding has made an online video-library for supplementary mat training possible

“Dear alumni and dance teachers, Do you encourage your dance students to do supplementary mat training using Yoga, Pilates, core stabilisation and such? With a grant from DIS-TANZ-IMPULS funding, I have developed an online video-library with live classes and videos in this field. Some of the participants are themselves Palucca alumni. I am happy to give you and your students the opportunity to test the online video library for several months at no cost. If you are interested, please contact me at I am looking forward to hearing from you :)” - Marita

Dipl. Archivist Marina Brandt retires
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Dear Alumni,

on the occasion of my retirement on 31 July 2021, I look back in gratitude at the six years I have had as Dipl. Archivist in the archives of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. In addition to interested members of the public, both nationwide and abroad, the archive has also been a significant place for research, exchange and learning for many of our alumni about the founder of our University, Gret Palucca, and its history. Today, looking back, I would like to give you a small overview of the archive.

The archive’s new facility opened in 2000. Records and documents of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden (formerly Palucca Schule) have been preserved since 1949. Among these are diploma projects, student records, summer courses, ballet competitions, historical collections as well as poster collections and photo collections from as early as 1914 and historical films from as far back as 1950. We now have a collection of 2,542 videos. Especially valuable is the partial estate from Palucca from the 1920s to the 1990s. Most important, this contains records of correspondences, letters, postcards, programmes from international performances as well as photos, which have been made available to us, among others by former students.

The archive of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden is a store of comprehensive historical information about Palucca and the University which is waiting to be discovered and put to use!

My thanks go to the engagement shown by the supporters and to the archive’s student helpers. Coordinated by the Archivist, they helped to index the entire inventory so that today, an extensive use of the archive documents is possible. 

I am excited about the development of the archives in the coming years and I wish my successor, Bianca Gleiniger, much success and creativity for her job. 

Sincerely, Marina Brandt 
Health Article
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Sweating & Drinking
by Eva-Maria Kraft

Liquids are essential for our body, of which a major part is water, and for those who sweat on a regular basis, it is all the more important to be sure to take care of your fluid balance. Above all, during training, rehearsals, and performances, one should not do without drinking because water improves the blood’s viscosity, which in turn promotes the circulation of the blood to the brain (longer concentration) and the small blood vessels (minimising risks of injury). Muscles, tendons, and ligaments can thus be provided with the necessary oxygen, and connective tissues and fasciae remain supple and elastic.

Everyone should drink at least 35 ml per kilogram of body weight daily, although this amount is increased if one sweats on a regular basis. In the warm seasons, in dry indoor air and in strenuous trainings, in other words, when you are dripping in sweat, and your hair and clothing are soaked, it is possible to lose up to an additional three litres of sweat per hour (!). This must be replaced in the same amount, meaning that the daily amount of liquids for dancers quickly reaches an average of 4-5 litres per day.

The body shows us quickly when dehydration occurs: little and darkly coloured urine, constipation, tiredness and physical weakness, low blood pressure, headaches, dry mucous membranes, cold hands and feet, muscle cramps, bladder infections, restlessness and confusion can all be possible indications for an existing dehydration. In this case one must react quickly and restore the balance.

TIP: Control your urine: The colour and amount of our urine provide us with quick information about our fluid balance. > Clear to bright yellow colour  = excellent fluid balanced> colour like apple juice and reduced amount of urine = too little fluid which must be fixed quickly, immediately drink 250 ml water! 

Sweating is the cooling system for our body and it regulates the warmth caused through movement so that we don’t overheat. One does not only lose fluid when one sweats, but rather also important minerals which must be replaced through nutrition and drinking. The main purpose for a training drink is thus on the one hand, to quickly restore the loss of fluids and, on the other hand, the supply of specific nutrients, the electrolytes.

It is absolutely correct that water is generally at the top of the list of drinks: whether as tap water or as mineral water, with or without carbonate, depending on its point of origin, it provides valuable minerals in addition to fluids. For supplementary flavour one can add fresh lemons, orange, cucumber, ginger, or mint for example. Unsweetened teas or juice spritzers (see recipe training drink) are also suited as training drinks. The following DO NOT count as fluid replacements: smoothies, pure fruit juice, coffee and black tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, lemonades, milk, and alcohol.


Before dancing

Before and up to the beginning of training in the morning, one should already have drunk about 300 to 500 ml of fluids, ideally in small amounts spread out over a period of time so that the body can quickly absorb the fluids.

While dancing
During training sessions of up to 60 minutes, it is sufficient to drink before and after. If the training session is longer as is common for dance, one should absolutely drink in between, ideally in small sips in regular of 30 minutes of exertion. The ideal amount of fluids is from 0.5 to 1 litre per hour depending on your individual fluid requirements and perspiration. The body cannot absorb more than this in this period of time which is why it is important to drink on a regular basis and not in large amounts when your thirst is great.

After dancing
After dancing, it is important to restore the fluid loss that has not yet been replaced, and lost minerals and carbohydrates should be replaced also. Here, carbohydrate-rich drinks such as fruit-juice spritzers are recommended (see recipe training drinks) which can be absorbed quickly and contain the now needed nutrients.

Far too often I find that among my audience of dancers those that do not pay attention to their fluid balance and drink far too little, sometimes less than 1 litre per day.

Water is essential and of vital importance for a long, healthy career! One can train oneself to drink properly: From now on, increase the amount of water you drink by 250 ml every day until you have reached the necessary amount. A water bottle is also a must in every training bag! 

Contact: Website, Webseite of book publication (EN) 
Download the recipe here
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