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November & December 2021
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Dear Vorname, 

Many greetings from the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. I am very pleased to be sending you the new issue of our Alumni Newsletter!

With this issue, I particularly want to invite you to the coming fall and winter events 2021/22 put on by the University. In addition to the Palucca Tanz Studio (advance booking started today), which is a well-known annual event, I am pleased to announce the performance dates for „Hansel and Gretel“ (tickets currently still available) and also â€žThe Nutcracker“ (sold out), which are planned at the Semperoper Dresden in cooperation with the Semperoper Ballett. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Full of gratitude, I look back at the past Alumni Seminar with Dr. Anja Centeno GarciĂĄ, a first-ever online alumni event, which took place on 7 October 2021. My thanks go out to all the dedicated alumni who participated in the online seminar. The next online event for alumni is planned for spring 2022.

I would like to express my thanks here also to the alumni Martina Morasso and Teresa Lucia Forstreuter, who have allowed us to share their current projects in this newsletter issue. It is always a great pleasure to be able to include alumni news in the newsletter.

This is the final newsletter edition for this year. You will receive the next article in our series regarding “Nutrition for Dancers” by Eva-Maria Kraft in December. The next Alumni Newsletter will be published at the end of February 2022. We are looking for an author who might be interested in writing paid health-related articles for the Alumni Newsletter in 2022!

With this in mind, I wish you interesting reading and look forward to further issues of our Alumni Newsletter in 2022!


Shalene Schmidt
Department of Strategic Development/Communication
Student Marketing & Alumni Coordination

University News
After a long break caused by the pandemic, I am exceptionally pleased to invite you to the following performances and events planned for fall and winter 2021/2022. These are taking place, amongst others, in cooperation with external partners such as the Semperoper Ballett.
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Palucca Tanz Studio 2021

The Palucca Tanz Studio provides a platform for the students participating in the BA Dance Programme in which they can expand their repertoire and acquire stage experience. In preparation for their degree, the young dancers gain a special impulse for their yet fledgling careers through the work with internationally known choreographers. 

Dates: 19, 20, 26 and 27 November 2021, at 7 p.m. - tickets for sale as of today
Place: Auditorium "GrĂŒner Saal", at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden
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"Hansel and Gretel"  

Fairytale opera in three acts. A cooperation of the Semperoper Dresden with the Palucca University of Dance Dresden.

Tickets are currently still available for 5, 8 and 25 December 2021.

Dates: 3 - 25 December 2021.  
Place: Semperoper Dresden, Theaterplatz 2
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"The Nutcracker"  

Ballet in two acts. A cooperation of the Semperoper Ballett with the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. 

This event unfortunately is sold out.

Dates: 22 November - 26 December 2021.  
Place: Semperoper Dresden, Theaterplatz 2
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Looking back: Online Alumni Seminar  

On 7 October 2021, for the first time ever, an online alumni seminar took place at the University In the seminar "What carries your teaching? - Competence and action orientation in dance education", university educator and communications manager Dr. Anja Centeno GarciĂĄ, discussed elements of didactic methods within dance pedagogy with our alumni. Following the seminar, an informal get-together took place on the virtual platform Topia (s. image). Many thanks to all participants!
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Looking forward: Online Master Info Days

The second Online Master Info Days will take place here at the University from 17 to 24 January 2022.  The event is aimed at those interested in the MA Choreography Programme and MA Dance Teacher Programme. The event comprises theoretical introductions to the study programmes and separate Q&A rounds with those responsible for the study programmes as well as with selected students and alumni. More information is available at our website.

No registration is necessary for participating in this event.
More information
Alumni News

Martina Morasso
MA Choreography '08

Development of a digital video library

As of November 2021, Palucca alumna Martina Morasso will provide password-protected access to her own video library. This serves as an impulse to share knowledge within the network of the independent scene and also as a source of documentation (e.g. for the preparation of one’s own degree.) The video library contains a listing of choreographic and dance contributions with and from Martina Morasso, ranging from classical ballet to contemporary experiments in the period from 1991 to date. The development of the video library is funded under the NEUSTART KULTUR programme. 

The library is structured around the categories Dance&Film / Dance&Science / Dance&Rap / Dance&Clown / Choreographic works / Cooperation with choreographers / Education.

Intro video to the video library

Looking for an author as of Januar 2022!

We are looking for an author for a 6-part series of articles on topics related to health for the Alumni Newsletter in 2022. 

We are looking for alumni possessing professional expertise in the dance-related health sector who would enjoy sharing this knowledge with our readers in written form. Subjects could be, for example: physiotherapy, dance medicine, counselling for dancers, fitness, and gymnastics. 

Within the scope of the DAAD Alumni Programme 2022, the author will be compensated with a fee of € 150.00 per article

With the above search for an author among its alumni, the University strives to actively promote them in their professional activities.

Interested alumni are invited to contact us by 30 November 2021, at for further details. 
Teresa Lucia Forstreuter offers an introductory course from the „Dance Education Laboratory NYC“ 
Diplom BĂŒhnentanz ÂŽ09
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As scholarship holder of the New York dance pedagogy institute „Dance Education Laboratory“, Teresa Lucia Forstreuter offers an Introductory Course about the established teaching method used in 500 schools in New York for teaching dance in public schools.  The three-hour course is for all interested dancers, dance teachers and choreographers, who wish to bring dance to children at their own eye-level and who would be happy if dance were to become a regular feature in the schools of the future.

In addition to the practical application of the Laban Movement Analysis within the context of children’s dance, the challenges, opportunities, and methods for teaching dance at schools to boost the development of communication skills, social competence and fostering creativity are discussed.

Dates: Saturday, 13 November 2021, 9-12:00 a.m. on the platform Zoom. Participation is free of charge.
Target groups: dance teachers, dancers, and choreographers. 
Registration: by Email to including your name and the reference: „DEL EinfĂŒhrungskurs”

Dance Education Laboratory (DEL)
Health Article
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Fresh or fast food?
by Eva-Maria Kraft

On fully-packed and stress-filled training days, the temptation is often huge: to grab a ready-made product, fast food or convenience food, in order to save time spent shopping and cooking, and to quickly get the desired and definitely necessary energy. And yet, the price paid, in the true sense of the word, is high because this decision, on the one hand usually is an expensive one, and on the other, is bad for the health balance: too much sugar and unhealthy fats, to few good, necessary nutrients and often, one soon grows hungry again because that quick meal, although satiating is not satisfying,

As a matter of principle: the more natural and unprocessed a foodstuff is, the higher is its nutritional value and quality. An apple picked directly from the tree has more nutrients than one that has been transported over several days and stored (even in one’s own kitchen). Vitamins, in particular, are very sensitive and are lost when exposed to light and heat. Heavily processed foodstuffs and ready-made meals lose valuable nutrients at every stage of the processing. That is why often after processing, they are artificially supplemented and then, as a result of this “added-value”, sold for an even higher price. At the same time, this higher price also brings an abundance of preserving agents and flavour enhancers. This also applies to those foodstuffs that are often advertised as being healthier, for example lactose-free milk or gluten-free bread. If there are no medical reasons for eating these products, they should be avoided.

A great deal of sugar and simple carbohydrates, salt and fat are always involved in ready-made products and fast food - a flavourful and satisfying combination for a short while. However, in the long run, they do not work. Too much sugar causes our blood sugar level to skyrocket and then, soon after, to crash and we quickly feel a (ravenous) hunger again. Too much salt requires sweets to offset it, which is often conveniently provided in over-sweetened soft drinks. Usually, the quantity of fats used is too high, the quality is too low, and they are unhealthy trans fats such as those used in deep-fried or baked goods. Consequently, often with one portion of fast food, one has already consumed the daily requirement of fat but, in spite of this, feels hungry a short while later. On the long run, this inevitably leads to weight gain. Additionally, dietary fibres are neglected which are necessary for a good digestion.  With fast foods, there is a lack of fresh and carefully prepared foodstuffs which, however, supply us with essential vitamins and minerals and protect us from nutritional deficiencies.

The key to avoid falling into the “ready-made trap” too often is deliberate preparation and necessary planning in the daily dance routine. On the long run, this saves time, nerves, and money (see also the first article “Scheduling your meals around dancing - timing is the key”) and promotes health. One should always have a basic supply of foodstuffs at home so that even when it seems that there is nothing in the cupboard, at least one meal can be cooked. This includes easily storable types of grains (e.g. rice, couscous, quinoa, noodles) and legumes (e.g. beans, lentils, chickpeas, dried or conserved in jars). In addition, the kitchen should never be without nuts and seeds, dried fruits, vinegar and oil, and a basic supply of spices. Frozen, pure vegetables of various types (e.g. spinach or peas), your own precooked frozen meals (“Meal Prep”) or also conserved foodstuffs (e.g. canned tomatoes, olives) should be a part of the basic supplies. These non-perishable goods are then supplemented with fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, herbs, bread, (plant) milk products, eggs, fish, meats, tofu, and anything else that satisfies the personal preferences.

Tip: Writing a shopping list spares one many unnecessary thoughts - always make a note immediately of what is missing and use this for your orientation. This prevents unnecessary impulse and cravings-induced buying, saves time, and additionally protects the environment as it helps reduce spontaneously bought and often unused food products from spoiling and being thrown away.

A useful tool for planning your meals:  The „Rule of Thirds on your Plate“
Applying the „Rule of Thirds“ to your plate is an easy and practical method for quickly and nutritiously conceiving and planning your own meals:

Every meal or snack should ideally consist of
  • one-third a carbohydrate-rich foodstuff >> grains, legumes, (sweet) potatoes, squash
  • one-third protein-rich food >> meat, fish, legumes, (plant) milk products, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocado
  • one-third fresh foodstuffs >> salads, vegetables and/o fruit
. As a result all the necessary nutrients are covered in a very easy way.

Contact: personal website (in German), website of the book "Nutrition for dancers" 
The next newsletter edition 
The next Alumni Newsletter will be published at the end of February 2022. Alumni contributions will be accepted until copy deadline on 23 January 2022 and should be submitted to
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