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Alumni Newsletter
March & April 2022
Dear Vorname, 

In 2022, the Alumni work at Palucca University of Dance Dresden includes, among other projects, the continued publishing of the bimonthly Alumni Newsletter. Thus, I am very happy to be able to be sending you a new newsletter edition! 

With this, I would like to invite you to the 2nd Online Alumni Seminar! In response to a recent alumni survey, in March and April 2022, we are offering two seminar units on the topics of grant applications and preparing a finance plan. Further details can be found under University News.

Following last year’s success with our very first “Palucca Sommerbühne”, we are planning to hold this event again this year, and a very special alumni event is planned for our University’s alumni. More information can be found under University News.

With this issue we start the new category Photo of the Month! In each new newsletter edition you will find a photo of a selected university event from previous years. I hope you will enjoy looking back on these events! 

Furthermore, in this edition, I am pleased to be able to usher in a new author and University alumna, Marlen Schumann. Under the section Health Article, which has become a traditional feature in our newsletter, she will address the topic of strength and athletic training in dance. With exercise videos designed specifically for you, you will be invited to repeat exercises at home and augment your personal training plan.

I wish you a successful training!


Shalene Schmidt
Department of Strategic Development/Communication
Student Marekting & Alumni Coordinator

University News

Alumni Online Seminar 2022

On March 22 and April 5, 2022, the University’s 2nd Online Alumni Seminar will take place! The Seminar, held in two units, each 90 minutes long, will deal with experiences in grant applications and the topic of how to develop a financing plan. As lecturers, we have been able to recruit Gesine Geister and Prof. Katharina Christl. The seminar is financially supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and will be held in English language. Your participation is free of charge. Registration is possible as of now.

We are looking forward to your joining us! 

Register here


In this guest performance, Palucca University of Dance Dresden students show works and choreographies from their current repertoire. In addition, they will present excerpts from the dance productions of the current semester work which will also be presented during “Palucca Sommerbühne” in summer 2022 (more information shortly).

: 29 April 2022, 7:30 pm
Place: König Albert Theater
Theaterplatz 1, 08645 Bad Elster

Alumni gathering planned in summer 

The University is planning to hold an Alumni Gathering as part of the recurring “Palucca Sommerbühne” in 2022.

We are happy to be planning the gathering this year and the possibility of greeting our graduates on campus soon. Further details will be announced shortly on our website. 

Something to get excited about!


New Instagram channel for Alumni

Since September 2021, all Palucca alumni can now also network on a separate Instagram channel. The new channel specifically serves to promote artistic projects by Palucca alumni as well as to announce relevant events and news from the university. The new channel already counts more than 200 "followers" - and the trend is rising. Take a look!
Palucca Alumni on Instagram
Alumni News (Retrospect)

Natalie Wagner assumes Direction of Landesbühnen Sachsen dance company 

As of the 2022/2023 theatre season, Palucca alumna Natalie Wagner (MA Choreography ‘20) will take over the position of Director of the Landesbühnen Sachsen dance company. We congratulate Natalie Wagner and wish her much energy for her new responsibilities and brimming creativity in her collaboration with the members of the Landesbühnen Sachsen dance company.

“I am very happy to be able to focus the experiences and skills that I have garnered up to this point in time in one location and I am excited about the possibilities offered by the repertory theatre’s interdisciplinary formats”. - Natalie Wagner

Natalie Wagner will succeed Palucca alumnus Wagner Moreira who has been engaged as the Artistic Director and Head Choreographer of the Dance Company at the Theater Regensburg as of Season 2022/23.

More information (in German)
Press release Landesbühnen Sachsen
Interview with Natalie Wagner TanzNetzDresden
Photo of the Month
Palucca Tanzwoche Hiddensee in 2012
Project title: TransFormation(s)
Artistic direction: Prof. Jenny Coogan
Health Article

Strength and Athletic Training in Dance: Why? 
by Marlen Schumann

“Strength training? I don’t want to look like a body builder!” Have no fear, the rule of thumb is: If one doesn’t train like a body builder, one won’t look like one! And with this, let’s go directly to the topic. The HOW is decisive. Strength training consists of many different methods. These methods are what make the difference. And when dancing, one feels the difference in one’s personal muscle strength - very significantly. And this is indeed the interesting point for us dancers.

My personal experience with strength training and the consequential development of my dance technique and my endurance convinced me to pay more attention to this topic. The topic of dance medicine as a point of reference has always been present in my dance practice and teaching. As a result of training to become a fitness and athletics trainer and through the promotion for my project DANCEwithSTRENGTH as a part of DIS-TANZ SOLO, I became more deeply involved with this subject matter.

I started strength training over three years ago on a private impulse. I was encouraged by the argument that this could also be beneficial to dancing. I agreed with this per se as I had much experience with Pilates and all the body weight trainings. But to go to the fitness studio? With equipment and weights? I was skeptical but I tried it out. I received a personal training plan and got started. After only a few months I could feel the difference.

My entire stability improved, my endurance grew and my balance was better. I wanted to know more. So I studied literature and did research on athletic and strength training in dance. I discovered that some major companies already actively work with this. For example, in this article, the Royal Ballet London describes how strength training has become a key component within their training programmes.

Strength training is part of athletic training, which has the goal to make an athlete fit for his or her main sporting discipline. And dance is definitely a very demanding and highly coordinative “sports discipline”. 

Strength training, from my point of view, now plays an overriding role within an athletic training programme because flexibility and limberness already get a great deal of attention during dance training. That is why it is important to increase muscle strength (stability) and with this, also the active flexibility on a parallel basis. Further aspects of strength training have been precisely researched and documented in numerous studies: The capacity for physical workload increases, basic endurance improves, time needed for regeneration after exertion becomes shorter, and through prevention, the risk of injuries is lowered.

Several studies, also concerning strength training for dancers, can be found here - an Initiative of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden and the Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft (Institute for Applied Training Science) (IAT) in Leipzig.

In an athletic training session, one works individually with the dancer. This represents a great opportunity in addition to the group trainings that are common in dance.

It is possible to establish an individually adapted training management. This training can very specifically and measurably correct possible deficits in balance, coordination, or other dance aspects. A dancer’s personal history of injuries is taken into account.

The result is an optimised dance-related physical fitness and with this the consequential added pleasure and enjoyment in the important artistic aspects of dance. Our motivation is to express ourselves. A lack of physical fitness shouldn’t get in our way. 

Do you want to start right away? Then try out this video exercise with me.

Video Exercise
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